Divergent Counselling

Meth Addiction

Described as an epidemic in Manitoba, some people say the use of crystal meth has ruined their lives. Meth is a type of stimulant drug which produces strong “high” effects and is very addictive.

Some people progress to using meth after using other stimulant drugs, such as cocaine, whereas other people might try meth once and become hooked. Often, people who use meth feel like there is no way to stop, even if they want to.

At Divergent Counselling, we know that recovery from meth addiction is possible. We have the education and experience to help you with this complicated problem, which might include underlying mental health conditions.

Family members of those who are addicted to methamphetamine often feel at a loss to know what to do: it feels like there is nothing they can do or say to help their loved one change. At Divergent Counselling, we offer family members a safe place to learn more information about how they can provide their loved ones with opportunities to change.

As we are psychiatric nursing professionals, we are able to provide education and information on the use of medication as it relates to meth addiction, which you can further discuss with your physician.

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