Divergent Counselling

2020 Has not been great for our marriage and we need someone to talk to

Does that sound familiar? You are not alone. Hundreds of couples in Manitoba have found themselves experiencing increased tension this year and are looking for counselling. It makes sense: there has not been a family who has been untouched by some kind of stress-related to covid-19, on top of the regular stress that marriages can face day today.

If you are in Brandon, Mb and seeking marriage or family counselling, you might be wondering about the options available to you. Do I see a therapist, or a counsellor? Can a psychologist help me, or a marriage and family therapist? This short article aims to help you make a good choice about the type of relationship counselling that might work best for you.

What is out there?

Marriage and family therapists are specifically trained to work with couples experiencing problems in their relationships. This is a master’s degree preparation- marriage and family therapists can have a variety of bachelor degrees before they take extra training.

Psychologists (this is a broad term that includes people who have a PhD in psychology, or people who have a master’s degree in psychology) are specialists in tests for diagnosing mental illness and treating mental health concerns. Psychologists can also be known as therapists.

Counsellor is a broad term that could include someone with no education (In Manitoba, there is no regulation around the use of the term counsellor), or, a diploma or a degree. A counsellor is not usually a therapist unless they obtain a master’s degree. Make sure you ask a counsellor about their education.

Divergent Counselling

At Divergent Counselling, our services are offered by a therapist (psychiatric nurse with a master’s degree). The benefit of this, is that our therapist understands psychological issues but also physical health and mental health. Our therapist has expertise in trauma treatment and working with people to help understand their motivations. We believe that the couple’s therapy offered by Divergent Counselling will be the best value for your time and money.

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