Divergent Counselling


Did you know- anxiety is one of the most common mental health symptoms that people experience. Anxiety symptoms can be scary, and range from a feeling of dread all the way to tightness of chest, for some. People living with anxiety can feel stuck, and don’t know where to turn. It feels like an invisible illness.

Just what is anxiety, exactly? Anxiety has two components. Firstly, it is a physiological phenomenon (something that happens in the body). Secondly, our experience of anxiety is impacted by the way we respond to it: that is, the psychology of anxiety. Think of a fire: we may not have started it, but if we add fuel to it, it will grow!

Relief from anxiety is possible. At Divergent Counselling, we are equipped to help people experiencing panic attacks and anxiety disorders. We do this through helping you identify your symptoms and then creating a relevant treatment plan, based on your needs. As we are psychiatric nursing professionals, we are also in a position to provide you with education and information on medications that are relevant to the treatment of anxiety, with which you can also speak to your physician.

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