Divergent Counselling

Alcohol Abuse

The most common, legal type of intoxicant in the world is alcohol. While its normal to relax with an alcoholic beverage after work or on the weekend, sometimes it can be difficult to manage the amount we drink- that is, we can’t stop at one or two.

Problems with alcohol can range from waking up the day after drinking with a bad hangover, to more serious problems like losing a relationship or family member, and legal problems. There are many examples in society of people both famous and normal losing everything they have because of alcohol.

At Divergent Counselling, we have the education and experience to help people experiencing problems related to alcohol. Our “Counselling Tool Kit” includes an understanding of 12 step and alcoholic’s anonymous approaches, motivational interviewing and others. We are willing to help you identify your goals as it relates to changing your alcohol use and support you in a non-judgemental way: whether you wish to stop drinking, or simply cut back.

Many families experience problems related to a loved one’s drinking. We are prepared to support families with options for helping their loved ones change their habits, and other resources they might need to help bring peace to their lives again.

As we are psychiatric nursing professionals, we are able to provide education and information on the use of medication as it relates to alcohol abuse, which you can further discuss with your physician.

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