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A full range of affordable mental health services including peer support,
counselling and therapy – led by registered mental health professionals

Divergent Counselling

Not every life problem requires an expensive counselling solution, and not every life problem is best helped by a mental health professional. At Divergent Counselling, we believe that different people can benefit from different tools, which is why we have introduced a range of counselling and therapy options. Our range of options are intended to minimize the cost of getting help (no need to pay over $100 an hour if you don’t need to), and to provide person-centred, holistic services.

Led by John Jackson, RPN, who is the CEO of Divergent Counselling, we have a range of professionals available to support you based on your need. Divergent Counselling is proud to introduce Peer Support Counsellors- people who have lived experience with mental health or addictions, who can support you on your journey. Additionally, we have a number of staff who belong to both regulated (social workers, psychiatric nurses) professions, and people who have a combination of experience and education but are not regulated staff. All the professionals working at Divergent Counselling are committed to working with you in a person-centred, ethical manner under the leadership of Mr. Jackson.

We’re currently accepting new clients for peer support, therapy & counselling.

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Our Counsellors


Megan Murchison

Megan Murchison is a Registered Social Worker and has worked in the Westman area in Social Services for over 15 years.


John Jackson

John Jackson is an RPN and also holds a master’s degree in psychiatric nursing, so he has a broad approach to counselling which incorporates a wide variety of topics and expertise.


Maxine Roulette

Maxine Roulette is a member of Sandy Bay First Nation. Maxine enjoys working with a wide range of clients including women and families. Education: Mental wellness & harm reduction worker diploma, Child & youth care worker diploma from LINKS Institute.

John Jackson

Psychiatric Nurse, RPN, BScPN, MPN

John is a master’s degree prepared Registered Psychiatric Nurse in both Saskatchewan & Manitoba. He is a Doctor of Nursing student at the University of Manitoba where he studies the regulation of health professions. He is trained to perform Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing. John has real experience to address a wide range of complicated issues, especially: addiction, trauma, & psychiatric illness. John works with individuals, families & couples and businesses. He works with people who have been involved in or experienced infidelity or sexual problems. People choose John because he understands medications & psychiatric diagnostic impressions. John works in a totally different way by providing expertise, & mobilizing your internal resources to find solutions. Virtual/In-person.

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Why Choose Us

No waiting list

When you decide you need help, you need it quickly. Unfortunately, the public health care system comes with long wait lists, even in rural settings. At Divergent Counselling, we have sessions available to see you quickly, so you don't have to wait.


If you're from a small, rural community, you know how quickly everyone learns about your business- even when you've seen a counselor in a confidential setting. The benefit of coming to Brandon for counseling is that you have an increased level of privacy and confidentiality.

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