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Registered Psychiatric Nurses are experts in mental health
and have a broad approach to counselling which
incorporates a wide variety of topics and expertise.

Divergent Counselling

We’re currently accepting new clients for therapy & counselling. We are now eligible to provide services directly to clients living in Saskatchewan. Check out our listing on psychology today, or Google Maps. Here’s a brief introduction to what we do:

I’m a master’s degree prepared Registered Psychiatric Nurse in both Saskatchewan & Manitoba. I’m trained to perform Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing. I have real experience to address a wide range of complicated issues, especially: addiction, trauma, & psychiatric illness. I work with individuals, families & couples. I work with people who have been involved in or experienced infidelity or sexual problems. People choose me because I understand medications & psychiatric diagnostic impressions. I work in a totally different way by providing expertise, & mobilizing your internal resources to find solutions. Virtual/In-person.

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John Jackson

Psychiatric Nurse, RPN, BScPN, MPN

A good counselling relationship is one where you, the person/s coming for help, will find someone who will listen and help you pursue your goals, while receiving new information or seeing a new perspective. John Jackson is an RPN and also holds a master’s degree in psychiatric nursing, so he has a broad approach to counselling which incorporates a wide variety of topics and expertise.

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No waiting list

When you decide you need help, you need it quickly. Unfortunately, the public health care system comes with long wait lists, even in rural settings. At Divergent Counselling, we have sessions available to see you quickly, so you don't have to wait.


If you're from a small, rural community, you know how quickly everyone learns about your business- even when you've seen a counselor in a confidential setting. The benefit of coming to Brandon for counseling is that you have an increased level of privacy and confidentiality.

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